Aluminum profiles export

In the export of aluminum profiles with the aim of supporting the manufacturers of sections and aluminum profiles, VAT is not collected from exporters, and this makes them capable of competing with global markets. Among the problems in the issue of iron exports, we can mention tax tariffs, because an exporter of aluminum profiles is in a good situation if he is the only exporter, but since he has to import part of his needs, he is involved in tariffs. Imports and what is left are very little value added, which is negligible between tariffs and taxes.

Export profile should be of much higher quality compared to other similar products in order to gain the trust of its buyers. Aluminum double-glazed windows can be installed on aluminum windows, bringing their use closer to that of a UPVC window. Aluminum profiles weigh less than PVC windows and are recyclable. They are also sold in the market in different designs and colors. But first it is good to know that aluminum is a type of metal with special characteristics:

What is aluminum profile?

Aluminum is a chemical element with the symbol Al and atomic number 13. Aluminum is about a third as dense as other common metals, steel. It is highly oxygenated and forms a protective oxide film on the surface when exposed to air. Aluminum is transparent and visually similar to silver in terms of color as well as its ability to reflect light. It is soft, non-magnetic and flexible. It has a stable isotope, 27Al. This isotope is very common and makes aluminum the twelfth most common element in the world. But aluminum profile is a metal with a fixed cross section at different lengths. Profiles can be prepared based on different dimensions of the required section.

Various devices and machines are used to produce aluminum profiles. Aluminum profiles are obtained by extrusion of aluminum. Aluminum extrusion is a method used to convert aluminum alloys to objects of a certain size for a wide range of applications. The extrusion process makes the most of the physical properties of aluminum. Its adhesion makes it easy to machine and cast, and aluminum has one-third the density and stiffness of steel. Therefore, the export of aluminum profiles is due to their good strength and stability. Which is finally used to make all kinds of doors, windows and interior and exterior guards of building walls and smart homes, and due to its special characteristics, it is superior to other metal goods.

Export price of aluminum profiles

As you know, the price of various types of iron and their export depends on its weight and size. The price of aluminum profiles is no exception to this rule. Aluminum profiles are available in different thicknesses. Common thicknesses in the Iranian iron market include 1 and 1.8, but there are also thicknesses of 2 and 3. Note that aluminum profiles are only available during the 6000s. But its weight can be customized according to your request. Two important factors of production method and manufacturer alloys are influential in determining the price of aluminum profiles. These factors have a direct impact on the quality and price of aluminum profiles and undoubtedly play an important role in the cost of construction.

What are the uses of aluminum profiles?

They are also used in the construction industry to make doors and windows, bathrooms, kitchens, skylights, glass facades, greenhouses, columns and trusses, which are essentially triangular structures made by connecting rebars to each other. Rigid structures or metal structures, bridge to column connections, construction of steel structures, construction of false ceilings (waffle roofs), interior decoration industries such as: partitions, furniture and office tables and chairs, as well as in dam projects Instrumentation is used. Aluminum profiles are used to produce packaging materials such as cans.

Also, aluminum profiles used in the home appliance industry and for the manufacture of refrigerators and freezers, such as: refrigerator handles, refrigerator frames, stove and oven handles, rear drain profiles, hoods and filter hood profiles, aluminum hood stud profiles, washing machines and TVs. Placed. Aluminum profiles are used in various industries in the form of aluminum pipe sections in the manufacture of pneumatic jacks. They are used to build engineering equipment such as railings, irrigation pipes and scaffolding in the agricultural and construction industries. Aluminum profiles are used in air conditioning systems. Aluminum profiles are used in the construction of field hospitals.

Aluminum profiles export

Aluminum profiles export Tamin Paydar Commercial Group

Aluminum profiles in civil engineering and construction even smart home in many sections such as aluminum can profiles, aluminum studs profiles, aluminum corner profiles, aluminum fish pollen profiles, aluminum shield profiles, aluminum pipe profiles, aluminum studs and facade profiles, aluminum wire and facade profiles Aluminum composite, aluminum composite facade profiles, aluminum composite facade etching profiles and aluminum composite facade profiles are used. Aluminum profiles in specialized sections are widely used in the construction of double-walled partitions, single-walled partitions, desks and office furniture. Aluminum profiles are used in the construction of simple aluminum windows, aluminum thermal break windows and aluminum wood windows.

In short, aluminum profiles are used in various industries. The most important and well-known industry that uses aluminum profiles is the construction industry. Construction is an important market for aluminum. The most important factors that lead to the use of aluminum in this industry are low weight, high ductility, high resistance to rust, low maintenance costs, long life and no need to paint. Aluminum profiles are used in the lighting industry in sections such as aluminum bracket profiles, aluminum bracket body profiles, aluminum heatsink profiles and aluminum wall washer profiles, aluminum linear lamp profiles.

Features of aluminum profiles

From the very beginning of its entry into the market, aluminum profiles were able to find a special place in the fields of construction and industry. Undoubtedly, it is the special and unique properties of this metal that have made it so popular and practical. It is not bad before you order these types of profiles instead of the old profiles made of other metals and use them in your industry, become more familiar with their characteristics:

High flexibility

The flexibility of aluminum profiles has made it possible to design custom molds to transform them into any shape that is perfectly suited to the needs of the target industries. Aluminum profiles have a very high flexibility. Today, it has replaced iron due to its flexibility.

Anti-corrosion property

Aluminum profiles have an inherent resistance to corrosion, which multiplies during the anodizing process. Similarly, these profiles can be used in all industries where the work environment is humid or in open environments. One of the attractive properties of aluminum is its natural stainlessness without the use of paint or anything else. That is, if it is exposed to the open air, its color does not change.

Having a beautiful appearance

Another important feature for exporting aluminum profiles is its beauty. Due to its light and white color, this metal conveys a more beautiful and clean feeling to the residents of the building. Also, the latest aluminum profiles can be in different colors thanks to processes such as powder coating and anodizing. For this reason, even aesthetically, the use of these profiles has an advantage. It also has high strength and durability and is therefore suitable for use in residential and office buildings and smart homes.

Light and convenient weight

Other features of them are light weight and high strength, which has caused the weight of structures and structures to not increase much by using these profiles, and at the same time very high resistance to weight bearing and Of course, this property has made this metal widely used in the aerospace industry.

Insulation against heat and cold

Aluminum profile has heat and cold insulation properties. For this reason, windows made of this metal significantly save energy. Production of aluminum profiles has increased due to lack of temperature and energy exchange for the construction industry, which is one of the most important advantages of this type of profile compared to the type of iron and steel profiles. Iron windows usually waste more energy, but aluminum windows do not, and this is very important in optimizing energy consumption.

Anti-ignition capability

Aluminum profiles are non-flammable and easy to install, which is why kitchen equipment and decor industries, as well as doors and windows, have started to use this material. Aluminum profiles are delicate and elegant, and they are easy and fast to install.

Aluminum profiles export

Aluminum profiles export

Export steps of aluminum profiles

The export of aluminum profiles is very important due to the increasing demand in the global market. Various factors from the final price of the product to the quality of the exported goods are highly effective in Iran’s iron exports. Therefore, it is recommended to use the advice of experts in the field of aluminum exports in this tortuous path, so that all export steps in this sector are carried out in a principled manner and without violation. Export of cans and profiles includes several stages from ordering the product in the early stages to sending the goods by the Iranian customs at the end. In other words, the steps of exporting cans and profiles of Iran Minium are as follows:

Enter the market

To enter the profile export market, it is better to travel to countries that have a good market and get acquainted with the conditions and challenges ahead. During these trips, in addition to gaining useful information about the market and the amount of demand, you can get acquainted with traders and profile importers. This is very useful for gaining experience, gathering information and gaining the trust of buyers.

Customer attraction

After identifying the markets in which you intend to operate and attracting buyers for different types of profiles, a contract is concluded between the parties. In this contract, all the details of the order and the type of financial payments of the buyer must be mentioned. In the following, we will introduce you to the other steps until the export of the goods.


After the orders are announced by the buyer and the contract is concluded between the exporter and the buyer, the official invoice for the goods is issued. In this invoice, the number, type or brand and quality of the requested product are mentioned by the buyer.

Preparation for packaging

Many profiles, such as rebars, fall into only a limited number of categories and are sent to the destination country by land, sea, and air. Some profiles, depending on their application and fineness, are packaged and sent by a special machine with various foams and adhesives.

Packing profiles

In the field of exporting profiles, the type of packaging and the method of sending the goods are agreed between the buyer and the exporter in advance. Agreement between the buyer and the exporter on how to package and send in the export of most products is common and natural.

Aluminum profiles export

Aluminum profiles export

Obtain the necessary permits to issue

The export of profiles, like the export of other hardware, requires the necessary permits to export that product. These licenses are issued by the Samat Organization and other related organizations.

Declaration of export profile to customs

The goods are sent to customs after preparation, packaging and obtaining the necessary permits. Customs issues a form of export declaration to the person or company exporting the goods.

Signing a contract with a transportation and insurance company

Goods must be insured at customs before shipment, and you must also contract with a suitable shipping company to send the goods during the administrative process and obtaining permits.

Get an inspection certificate

There are companies in Iran whose job is to inspect goods and products before exporting them. After a thorough inspection of the goods and confirmation of their condition, an inspection certificate is issued.

Receive a certificate of origin

Certificate of Origin A seal confirms the quality of the goods being shipped and their compliance with the features requested by the customer. After the issuance of this certificate, the sales invoice is given to the exporter to start the clearance operation.

Issuance of profiles

At this stage, permission is sent to send aluminum profiles to the place of loading. After that, the transport company, with which the contract has already been concluded, starts loading and sending the goods.

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