Rebar Mesh Export

Rebar mesh export is used today for most construction projects. Mesh is a type of metal mesh . Which is made using simple and ribbed rebar.

Mesh is produced from iron and galvanized wires and is available in 3 shapes: panel, ribbed and steel. ,Mesh is also called WELDED WIRE MESH.

However, in some cases, this product is also known as Engineering Mesh and abbreviated BRC MESH.

Rebar mesh consists of a network of interwoven rebars. Which are welded transversely and longitudinally using welding machines.

The geometric shape of the mesh networks causes. To strengthen and reinforce the tensile strength of the structure and prevent cracking of concrete in the structure.

These nets are produced and marketed with a length of 1 to 2.5 meters and a width of 1 to 9 meters. It should be from 8 to 40 cm in various dimensions. It can also be square or rectangular.

The most important application of light mesh in the construction industry is to reinforce concrete. Concrete normally has poor performance under tensile stresses. For this reason, the use of mesh mesh increases the strength and strength of concrete.

rebar mesh export

Rebar Mesh Export

It is interesting to know that mesh has many applications in industry and construction. It has a reasonable price. Some of their other applications include dam construction, canal construction, tunnel construction, subway construction, road construction and highway construction, railway and airport construction, silo construction, composite roof, floors and parking lots, concrete walls and tanks, and finally. Wherever there is construction.

Types of rebar mesh nets according to dimensions and material

There are different types of mesh nets, for example, this mesh may be made of rebar or steel wire or it is available in different sizes in the market. Here are two examples of the most important ones:

Lattice mesh rebar:

Welded mesh nets of simple and ribbed rebars in sizes 14, 12, 10, 8 are used in their construction and production. They also show the size of the rebar as its size. For example, they write 12 mesh , but in addition to this number, they also consider the size of the spring. For example, if the size of the springs in the mesh made of 10 rebars is 25 x 25, they write mesh size 10 x 25 x 25.

Wire mesh:

If the mesh is made of wire, the size of the wire is considered. For example, mesh net made of wire with a diameter of 6 mm and springs with dimensions of 20 x 20 may be shown as mesh net 6, 20 x 20.

They may also show the mesh size in inches. Which indicates the diameter of the wire, which is sometimes done in the case of steel mesh. In general, mesh net is made in different dimensions and the size of the springs is very different.

Types of mesh lace rebars

The construction method and materials used during production have led to different types of rebar. Here are some of the most important and practical ones:

Steel rebar mesh

This type of mesh is used in special production and construction works such as chemical industry, aerospace industry, food industry, oil and gas industry and other cases.

For this reason, the mesh mesh has different grades. The advantage of these mesh nets is their high resistance to different weather conditions or materials used.

On the other hand, steel, like iron and steel, does not have magnetic properties and does not cause disruption in industry. Due to their steel material, they can be used safely in humid or acidic environments.

Galvanized rebar mesh

One of the best mesh nets is galvanized mesh mesh. Due to its anti-corrosion and anti-corrosion properties, it is highly regarded by welding mesh buyers. Galvanized rebars can withstand corrosion well. And up to 40% more resistant to corrosion than carbon rebar and more expensive. This product is more expensive than other types and is made of galvanized wire.

Polyethylene rebar mesh

The quality of this mesh is very high and galvanized wire is used in it. They also have a polyethylene PVC coating, which makes this product durable against all conditions. These options are more expensive than other models. They will be suitable for areas that are in direct contact with salt water. The durable plastic cover of this net allows us to use it in a variety of white, black, green and رنگ colors.

Steel rebar mesh

A mesh of metal or iron mesh in which, in addition to iron, other alloys are used. It is better in areas where there is a risk of rust. Do not use these materials as they will corrode faster.

This type of mesh is commonly used for walls and the production of prefabricated parts, floors of halls or warehouses, in airports, subway construction, tunnels and parking lots. The most important reason for the widespread use of iron and steel meshes is their high strength.

rebar mesh export

Rebar Mesh Export

Application of mesh nets

One of the most important applications of mesh in the construction industry is to reinforce concrete. Concrete normally has tensile stresses and poor performance. For this reason, the use of mesh increases the strength and strength of concrete. The most important application of mesh is used in foundations instead of reinforcement. This product should be calculated and measured by experts according to the type of application and how to use it, whether in different industries or in the construction, construction and smart home, in order to use the best type of it.

In general, mesh netting is used in agriculture, transportation, mining, decoration and other industries. The most important applications of mesh netting are panel construction, petrochemical applications, false ceiling maintenance, stadium infrastructure, tunnel construction, xylophone construction and floor construction.

Specifications of mesh rebar

The technical specifications of welding mesh affect its price. One of the most important factors that you should pay attention to when buying, in addition to safety and strength, as well as longevity, is the price of mesh. The price of welding mesh depends on the size of the rebar, the type of rebar and the size of its springs:

Rebar size

Rebar size is an important and influential factor in price. Simple ribbed rebar in sizes 4-6-8-10-12-14 mm is used to produce welding mesh. The larger the rebar size, the smaller the springs and the higher the welding mesh price. Also, if the size of the rebars decreases, the size of the springs will increase and the final price will decrease. Therefore, based on their application, the choice of size and type of rebar is done.

Rebar material

Differences in mesh mesh rebar will lead to diversity in the applications of this product. Welding mesh is made of rebars with different materials including high carbon black wire, stainless steel wire and galvanized wire.

Carbon black wire is cheaper, so the final price of this product with this rebar is cheaper than welding wire with galvanized wire or stainless steel wire. Therefore, the choice of plain or ribbed rebar makes a lot of difference in their properties and mechanical behavior. Rebar material is another important factor in the price of mesh.

Spring size

The square spaces created by the spot welding of the rebars are called springs. The size of the spring is another important factor in determining the price. The larger the spring, the higher the final price as the weight of the net becomes heavier.

In construction, the size of mesh springs is 5-10-15-20-25-30 cm. To use welding mesh instead of reinforcement, the size of the rebar and its springs should be considered.

rebar mesh export

Rebar Mesh Export

Benefits that lead to the export of rebar mesh

Rebar mesh nets have many advantages for industries, especially the construction industry, and the most important advantages of using mesh nets are the following:

High strength and durability

As we said, mesh mesh bears a lot of weight and does not tear. They have very high strength and resistance to atmospheric factors such as oxidation and rust, and also these nets are very durable and have a life almost equal to or even longer than the life of concrete used in construction.


In the mesh structure, there are square windows that make ventilation very easy. These networks ventilate and circulate air between them, and in the event of a fire, they accelerate the entry of water to turn off the water.

Low running time

Due to its geometric shape and high grid strength, mesh mesh can accelerate construction operations. The high speed of execution of this net in other buildings and industries is due to the rebar networks in it.


The light weight of rebar mesh is one of the important features of these products, which makes it easy to transport. Other structures that have a similar application to the mesh mesh are mostly heavy and difficult to transport and access. Mesh mesh is lighter than sheet metal.


The advantages of using rebar mesh are its cost-effectiveness compared to other types of rebars. In construction, a small amount of mesh can be used on a large piece. Therefore, due to its economic efficiency and very low cost in purchasing, using and installing this net is widely used.

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